"Best overall Knife of the Year" 2010


Things seem to keep getting better.
The Cyclops with Mantis knives is finally up and running, and going strong.

The Ti-Lock continues to have great sales.

And there are many deals in the works with new companies.

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Currently we're trying to catch up with orders from the Blade Show.

Making a run of Beetles, so if you're interested you better let me know soon.

Also the Cyclops was a huge hit. And for the first time we're starting to work with other makers. Pics coming soon of the first collaboration with Lee Williams.

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We feel that it's sometimes hard to describe what we do in the world of knives. We're part designers, and part custom makers.

Over the last few year's we've been focusing on coming up with new and unusual designs that we can market to manufactures. And at the same time making small runs of knives to satisfy our collectors.

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